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LIVPURE LIV-ZINGER-HR-DX 6.5 L RO + UV + UF + Minerals Water Purifier (Maroon)


GO Electro Kettle 1200 Electric Kettle (1.2 L, Silver)

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USHA ArmorAR1100WB 1100 W Dry Iron (Purple


(1708 customer reviews)
  • Dry Iron
  • Non Stick Plate
  • Consumes 1100 W
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In The Box
Sales Package
  • 1 Iron, Instruction Manual
  • USHA
  • ArmorAR1100WB
  • Dry
  • Purple
Soleplate type
  • Non Stick
Comfort Features
Temperature Control
  • Yes
Indicator Light
  • Yes
  • No
Steam Burst
  • No
Self Cleaning
  • No
Cord length
  • 1.8 m
Swivel Cord
  • Yes, 360 Degrees
Power Supply
Power Consumption
  • 1100 W
Power Input
  • AC 240 V V
  • 10.5 cm
  • 23 cm
  • 11 cm
  • 0.55 kg
Service Type
  • Carry-in
Warranty Summary
  • 2 Years Warranty on Product
Covered In Warranty
  • Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered In Warranty
  • Physical Damage
Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

1708 reviews for USHA ArmorAR1100WB 1100 W Dry Iron (Purple

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