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Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L (Bottle)

Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil 1 L (Bottle)


Dhara Refined Sunflower Oil Pouch, 1L

Dhara Refined Sunflower Oil Pouch, 1L

Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, Jar, 5 L


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Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, Jar, 5 L

Flavour Rice Bran, Sunflower
Brand Saffola
Weight 4550 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH 30 x 10 x 19 Centimeters
Specialty Anti-oxidant
Volume 5 Litres
Material Feature Vegetarian
Package Weight 4.76 Kilograms
Net Content Volume 5000 Millilitres, 5 Litres
Recommended Uses For Product Cooking,Frying


  • Saffola Gold’s Dual Seed Technology with goodness of 2 oils in 1, rice bran oil and sunflower oil, ensures a good balance of MUFA, PUFA for better heart health in comparison to single seed oils
  • Saffola Gold multisource edible oil helps manage your cholesterol
  • With specially designed anti-oxidant system that helps improve immunity
  • With Oryzanol that helps maintain cholesterol levels. Saffola Gold now with 15% increased Oryzanol
  • With LOSORB Technology so that food absorbs upto 33% less oil as compared to other commonly used cooking oils, basis frying studies on potato, 2021
  • This vegetable oil brings alive the natural flavour of the food cooked & spices used, without altering any flavour

1606 reviews for Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, Jar, 5 L

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