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Green Embroidered Georgette Gown


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This green colored georgette gown comes along with crepe lining. The beautiful gown uniquely crafted with elegant embroidered work which makes this suit perfect for a woman. Women can buy this set for party, special occasion, ideal for any fashionista.


Note:- The actual product may differ slightly in color and design from the one illustrated in the images when compared with computer or mobile screen.

Measurements: Gown : Georgette : Upto 54 inches
Lining : Crepe : Attached
Material: Georgette
Color: Green
Work: Embroidered
Stitch Type: Stitched
Occasion: Party, Mehendi
Print / Pattern: Thread Work, Floral, Geometric
Supplier SKU: VMIK-SIYA-1906-D
Supplier: Tulsyan Retail Pvt. Ltd
Shyam Sangini Market, Surat, Gujarat
Country of Origin: India
Care Guide: Dry Clean

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    Note:- The actual product may differ slightly in color and design from the one illustrated in the images when compared with computer or mobile screen.


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