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Gold-Toned Elegant Peacock Hand-Etched Decorative Hanging Bell


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Gold-Toned Brass Mandir Hanging Bell

The ‘Elegant Peacocks’ is a Hanging Decorative Bell which is minutely designed with hand-etched patterns on brass alongwith a statue carving of a Peacock, connecting you to nature with an addition of Indian art and designs also providing it with intricate details of carvings. This product comes in the stylish hue of metallic gold colour with antique yellow finish giving it a touch of elegance, increasing its posh look a fourfold.

Size & Fit

TOTAL: (H) = 86.36 cm
HANGING: (L * W * H) = 9.398 X 9.398 X 19.558 cm

Material & Care

Wipe gently using a dry, soft cloth.- Apply a mixture of flour, salt and white vinegar to remove the blackness from Brass.


Pooja Bell

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